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25 Hotels That Are So Bad, You Just Have to Laugh

If you’re anything like me, you’re in the process of attempting to book your next holiday. There are lots of things you’ve got to consider when planning a vacation, but none more important than deciding where you’ll lay your head for the entirety of that much-needed break. Some people are fine to save a bit of cash and stay in a hostel, but I pretty much demand a nice hotel whenever I go away.

Unfortunately, though, that’s not always as easy as it should be. For the most part, getting a nice hotel should be more about the outlay than anything, but some places promise a veritable bargain and spectacularly fail to deliver. These examples of terrible hotels are just too funny to live with.

1. A trash can that’s pretty rubbish

2. Talk about unusual customer service

3. Towel folding at hotels can sometimes get quite fancy


4. Somebody probably got fired for this…


5. You had one job

6. So that’s why the toilet isn’t working!


7. I’m beginning to wonder if architects are just messing with us


8. When you see it…


9. Cold, isn’t it?


10. This hotel spared no expense for their cinema


11. Well that’s easy to remember

12. That would definitely brush me the wrong way


13. They liked this painting so much, they put it in there twice

14. Here’s the special superhero bathroom, designed for Reed Richards of the Fantastic Four…15. And here is the Spider-Man-only lounge area

16. That’s an amazing name for a hotel

17. Nice view


18. I don’t imagine this particular vent works too well


19. You can close the bathroom door or the closet door, but you can’t close both!


20. Your suggestions are cut into neat little ribbons for maximum portability


21. Well that’s unfortunate


22. For an extra intimate hotel stay


23. But going whoring is the best part of the vacation!


24. An ashtray in a no-smoking room, telling you not to smoke


25. You know what this bathroom sink needs? More taps

Well, this has definitely made me that bit more worried for when I book my holiday. Holidays are full of dangers and perils, and having splashed the cash to avoid a hostel, I am going to be so upset if I end up with anything penis-shaped in my room.