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Dog Leads Owner To Basket Of Abandoned Puppies

Walking with your dog is a normal part of many pet owners’ routines. It’s great exercise for both you and your pet and is some excellent bonding time. When out and about, a dogs and their owners often come across a lot of many things, ranging from the mundane to the strange.

Here is a tale about a dog owner whose dog led him to a shocking discovery in a field while they were going about their daily walk.

A Routine Walk in the Field

While walking his dog in Bali, Indonesia, Christian Eiermann ended up finding a lot more than he expected. Going along their usual route, which includes traveling across a waterlogged field, Christian was surprised when he noticed his dog trying to get his attention.

A Shocking Discovery

While he typically wears his headphones on the pair’s short walks each day, for something told him to skip wearing them today and to keep his eyes open. It must have been a premonition of some sort as Christian noticed his dog acting strangely as they walked through the field.

A Basket of Pups

His dog kept trying to pull him a certain direction on his leash. His dog also started making weird noises. As Christian’s dog pulled him along, he noticed they seemed to be heading to a specific part of the field. Before long, he could see what his dog was trying to show him.

As they got closer, he started to hear tiny whimpers and cries from somewhere in the tall grass. Following his dog’s lead, Christian soon saw a small blue basket. Upon reaching the basket, he noticed four abandoned puppies inside, each only a few days old.

Taking Them Home

Seeing that they were wet and dirt and would probably not survive long in the field, Christian gathered them and took them home with him. Fortunately, he knew of a foster home with a female dog that had recently given birth, so she was still producing milk. He was able to wean the pups off of milk in this way.

Caring for Newborn Pups

Puppies are vulnerable, especially during the first few weeks after birth. When feeding a newborn pup, most of them require milk. And while you can feed many using a bottle or syringe, sometimes a puppy will refuse to do so, preferring to feed via a real dog.

In addition to needing special care when feeding, newborn puppies also have to have help with their bowel movements, at least during their first few weeks. Usually, a puppy must be simulated by the tongue of their mother, via licking, to urinate and defecate on their own. Luckily, dog owners can simulate this action by using their fingers instead.

Overall, as long as they eat and use the bathroom regularly, a newborn puppy should do fine without a mother. It is not until six weeks of age that you need to take them to the veterinarian. There they should receive their first round of vaccinations, which should help them get a healthy start on life.

Video of the Surprising Discovery
Once they were weaned off milk and had grown to a healthy size, Christian set about finding them forever homes. And while he still has three of the puppies, he was able to find a foster home for the fourth. Here is the video about this shocking discovery by Christian and his dog.