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Dog’s Freed From Life Of Chains With His Reaction To Seeing Ocean For 1st Time Going Viral

Herschel is a sweet German Shepherd who sadly spent the first five years of his life chained to a post, neglected and unloved by his miserable owners. Eventually he was “rescued” not once but twice, yet some people don’t realize that not every rescue story actually has a happy ending.

Sometimes a desperate doggy can come across as aggressive or overwhelming to a would-be puppy parent. In poor Herschel’s case, his high energy and excitement tended to give off the wrong impression, and he was returned to the shelter.

It meant that this pupperoni would probably be deemed unadoptable and doomed to life as a lonely shelter dog. Or worse, he might not even have a life to live out at all.

Thankfully, Save Our Shelter gave the lucky furball another chance at winning over someone’s heart. With the help of Rocky Kanaka and his show, “Dog’s Day Out,” Herschel got to experience the best day ever, and also show off his best moves ever, too! Rocky says:

“He got to see snow for the first time, and he got to give free teddy bear hugs to be shown love. And that day got him enough awareness that now we’re taking a road trip from Los Angeles to deliver him to his new furever family that lives in Washington state.”

Of course, no day in doggy heaven is complete without a fabulous trip to the beach. When you watch this big goofball’s reaction to seeing the ocean for the first time, you’ll understand why his adopted family snapped him up like a winning lottery ticket.

There’s nothing more freeing than getting the chance to frolic and play in the vast open spaces of the deep blue sea. As Herschel nears the beach, he starts whimpering and barking in both excitement and confusion. He had never seen or known that splishy-splashy playgrounds like this even existed!

Initially, Rocky was hesitant to let Herschel jump in and play, and rightly so. The pooch had spent years on a chain, and he had never been that close to a large body of water before. So, to give him a teaser of what it was like to be a beach bum, Rocky slowly introduced the teddy bear of a dog to the annoying experience of getting sand between his paws.

Finally, he let a very impatient Herschel wash it all off in the crashing waves. His playful screams and happy howls will probably remind you of the first time you saw the ocean!

“He was biting the waves, and jumping in and out like a dolphin. I don’t know if he’s dolphin or dinosaur, or Chewbacca or teddy bear, but I do know this: it brings happy tears to my eyes knowing that he’ll now be loved forever.”
Herschel was feeling pure bliss, not only from getting to be picked for #DogsDayOut, but because he was surrounded by lots of love from everyone he met.

Watch this video to experience the best day ever through the eyes of this lovable doggy!