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Hey everyone! We all love our pets more than anything, and we also love taking lots of pics of them so we can share their cuteness with the world. It doesn’t always quite work out as planned, however! Just like us, animals have their dorky moments, times when they are captured in a less-than-flattering pose.

Unlike us though, they don’t care. So show us your funniest pet pics; the ones when they look their dumbest, goofiest, or just flat out fugliest! We will make the best (worst?) ones into a post for the world to chuckle at. So come on, let’s get

Feeling The Wind In Your Floof

Odin - Always Such A Handsome Boy!

Bingsu On The Left Is Pretty Normal. Makoli On The Right...well...not So Much.

Murdok 😂

Boomer Smiling At Me

She's So Stylish, So Elegant, So...

Just So Tired

Im Hangry!

Raven The Black Gsd Looking Looking Like Ice Cube

Dexter Seeing A Fly On The Lamp

Nooo, Not Again That Camera!

My Cat: Ptolemy

Trying To Look Cute For Treats...


This Is Zeca When I Asked Who Was The Most Handsome Maremmano In The World.

Junior In All His Beauty !