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Hungry Single Mother Cries after She Reads Anonymous Note in McDonalds

Tonya’s marriage fell through and now she is a single mother, taking care of her kids on her own. She was planning to go to McDonalds, but only had enough money left for one meal. Tonya was so hungry, but at least her kids had something to eat. Suddenly a waitress came over and put a tray full of burgers and fries on Tonya’s table. When a stranger saw Tonya struggle to pay for food, he wanted to help. The anonymous person even wrote a note on a napkin, which left Tonya in tears.

Tonya had hoped to live a perfect life, but her failed relationship ultimately led to a divorce.

Tonya Davis had dreamed of finding the perfect husband and to have many children with him. They had some children, unfortunately her marriage wasn’t what she had hoped. Her husband had a string of failed jobs and was a big spender. They knew things had to change, but it didn’t. When their son was born, he tried to change his life, but he didn’t. When they also had a daughter,  Tonya knew the best thing was to file for divorce.

Tonya raised her kids mostly on her own, even though she shared custody over their kids with her ex-husband.

The parents worked out a custody arrangement for their kids. Mostly it was Tonya who was taking car of the kids, but every two weekends, they had to stay with their dad. To meet in a neutral area, the parents met at a local McDonalds. The children didn’t like going to their father, so every time he dropped them off, Tonya would buy them a McDonalds meal to make them happy again.

Unfortunately Tonya had been struggling financially, and that day she had just enough money to buy a single hamburger and some fries for her kids. She asked her ex-husband if he could help her out, just enough for a small cheese burger for her, but he refused and insulted her in public: “Damn you, starve”, he said.

Tonya struggled to pay for a meal at McDonalds, but a stranger saw everything and bought food for her and her kids.

She was so hungry, but was fortunate her kids could at least have a small meal. Then a waitress brought a tray full of food to her table. Apparently an anonymous person had seen Tonya struggle and decided to help her out. When she read the note the stranger had written on a napkin, Tonya started to cry. The incredible heartwarming note said: “Keep your head up and always push forward. You CAN. You WILL.”