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Mom Asks Husky “Wanna Go For A Walk” Just To Film Response That Has The Internet Cracking Up

We’ve all been there. You know you should be getting up off the couch and going to the gym or outside for a jog, but there’s just something holding you back! Basically the only thing you want to do is veg out and watch a couple more shows. After all, the gym will be there tomorrow too, right? There’s one mom in particular who knows about this feeling. However, she’s not the one with the motivation problem…

For the majority of dogs, the simple mention of going for a walk or jingling a leash will send them through the roof with excitement. Well, this isn’t the case for Zeus the Husky. Although he normally enjoys getting out for some fresh air – there are also days that he’s a little more “people-like” and just doesn’t want to get off the couch. So when mom asks him if he wants to go for a walk, he decides to let her know that his mind is made up already. Zeus’ reaction is hilarious!

There are many Huskies known for throwing “tantrums” and Zeus is a doggy that likes to be vocal. Being so comfy on the couch he immediately starts “talking back” to mom about her request. He howls loudly with each thing mom has to say, not ready to give in. Even when mom tries to convince him with the statement that sometimes “the hardest step is getting off the couch,” Zeus isn’t buying it. He’s set on being a couch potato and it’s the most comical scene ever! Press play on the video below to see if you can relate.