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The Secret Ingredient In Baby Making

Ever thought about how infants are made? Well now one new mum has imparted the mystery fixing to whatever is left of us.

Watermelon seeds.

Devon Spittle, recorded an inspiring timelapse video of her pregnancy, to catch her developing knock, beginning at origination completely through to birth.

In any case, Spittle would not like to do any typical video, she needed to “endeavor an alternate style” to catch her first time as a mother, that did exclude sex or a difficult shouting work.

Rather the video begins with the mother-of-one eating a mammoth watermelon (pips and all) before her knock begins to develop.

She then drives with her better half to a shoreline, where she finds a crisis catch that says: “Press if there should arise an occurrence of watermelon seed ingestion.”


As she presses it, her infant little girl Poppy shows up in her arms (wearing a charming melon sewed outfit in any case).

The video is went with the notice: “Cautioning: eat watermelon seeds at your own particular hazard!”

To be completely forthright, we wouldn’t see any problems with eating a melon if our pregnancy could be as simple as that…