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The World’s Ugliest Houses That People Actually Live In

The beauty of architecture is that every structure offers the opportunity for an entirely unique creation. And thanks to relaxed regulations, Belgium has become a hub for the off-kilter builder to flout the normal and swing for the fences. Fortunately, for those of us with a sense of humor, some of them are bound to be stinkers!

Blogger Hannes Coudenys took notice of all the hard-on-the-eyes Belgian houses standing proudly around his country. So, in 2012, he launched his Instagram account devoted to documenting the beastly abodes. Some of these houses might be ugly enough to dethrone the most hideous house on your block!

1. You’re looking at the house of the biggest Avatar fan of all time. Actually, they are the one and only Avatar fan. Too bad they chose such an unpopular film as a guide because their home is just as displeasing.

2. What gives you more head space than one pyramid? Two pyramids. This go round, they opted for double the walls and barely any windows. That way, they won’t see their neighbors shaking their fists at the declining neighborhood property values.

3. This house is brought to you by the letter “L,” as these owners took an L in designing this unsightly home. Hopefully, they have better luck next time picking a letter to inspire, say, the shape of their summer place.

4. A witch turned a poor kitty into a house…cat. Calling this sweet facade ugly feels mean, as every cat has at least one good quality. However, nobody wants to live in a place with a face.

5. No design screams power move quite like a house with no windows. What they’re lacking in fresh air and vitamin D, they make up for in racket ball opportunities.

6. Rustic may be some people’s taste, but this takes it to the extreme. In fact, from the street view, trees appear to be rooted in the roof. Thank goodness they included a garage, though. That leaves room to park your dinosaur.

7. Is the other half of this house invisible, or did it secede from the rest of the structure? The fraction of a building that remains standing is pleasant enough, but the residents must live in constant fear that the sliver remaining would vanish like the rest.

8. Skeptics said you can’t put every kind of window in one home, but the architect behind this house said, “challenge accepted!” Windows galore means less house to look at, so that’s one silver lining.

9. So we build a castle, but here’s the catch: we make it as unappealing as possible. Just when we think we’ve got it looking plenty unattractive, we’ll paint all doors in an alarming red. Then no one will ever try and seize it from us!

10. Roofs are expensive, and it was either this or a jetted bathtub. Guess which one got more votes. The neighbors can keep their overrated doubled square footage.