The skincare products stocked in the supermarkets are expensive, and while they do help our skin to sparkle, they don’t always last that long. If you […]

A warming climate spelled doom for giant ice-age beavers

Giant beavers the size of black bears once roamed the lakes and wetlands of North America. Fortunately for cottage-goers, these mega-rodents died out at the end […]

Aerogels are the World’s Lightest Solids

Aerogels are the world’s lightest (least dense) solids. They are also excellent thermal insulators and have been used in numerous Mars missions and the Stardust comet […]

Blind and Autistic Musician Brings Audience to Tears With Inspirational Performance

Kodi Lee brings down the house with an inspirational performance that brought the audience to tears and earned a golden buzzer from new AGT judge, Gabrielle […]