My Geometric Tattoo Designs That Reflect Events In People’s Lives

I graduated from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and since then I grew close with art and relevant activities. For about 5-6 years of my tattoo […]

I Spent Inktober Drawing Cats With Final Fantasy Job Titles

Known mainly in gaming genres like D&D and Final Fantasy, I wanted to see how many cat breeds I can cover with RPG- style job class […]

10 + Times Restaurants Tried To Impress Their Customers Too Hard

There’s a fine line between being creative and ridiculous, and these restaurants have passed it. I get it, competition in the foodservice is high. You need […]

Transforming Wood Into Colorful Masterpieces

A carpenter is making (and offering) these lovely blocks of wood mixed with colored Epoxy Resin on Instagram. He fills the wood with a low thickness […]